Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Buy everything...

If you are to buy everything advertized in an half-an-hour prime time slot on a channel like TBS, chances are that you'll end up with the following things:
  • Three Cars ( 1 SUV, 1 Sedan and a sports car)
  • Two deodarants
  • Two Car insurance policies (One of them ought to be Geico)
  • A bottle of Exotic beer and two light ones
  • One Bottle of Vodka
  • Eyelift / anti-ageing cream
  • Make-up stuff + something that advertizes thicker lips / thicker lashes / larger hair volume
  • Couple of ultra-fast internet connections
  • Victoria Secret Lingerie + sometimes Male innerwear
  • Tampon or its ilk
  • A fast serving bank which advertizes convenience
  • And some Microwavable food that compares itself to a nearest Bistro
A lot of them dont sound too good for the planet. Do they?