Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Second Green Revolution?

The Ruling Congress Party and the Prime Minister Dr.Singh keep talking about a second green revolution to empower farmers and villages etc. Dont simple market rules of demand and supply
apply to food production? I mean isnt the world already producing an excess of food. Weren't the problems with distribution? If that is true, shouldn't developing nations help their farmers learn new skills and not be farmers anymore?

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sameer said...

There's shrinkage of cultivable area (urbanization, water issues, industrialization), as well as redistribution of the crop type. Add to these the possibility of bio-fuels replacing/complementing crude in the not too distant future. The yield will have to increase if the demand has to continue to be met, and one has to start solving that problem now rather than later.

The market is typically short term focussed (long term == 3 years!) - its other institutions that have to start thinking of this.

Its probably not that lousy an idea, after all.