Monday, January 30, 2006

Rang of Basanthi

Yeah, thats my poor French joke on Rang De Basanti. This is what went thru my mind as I was watching the movie:

  • First you think, "okay this is an 'enemy' perspective at Bhagat Singh movie" (the general's dairies and all that)...
  • then you think its about "an English girl making a movie with Indian cast",
  • then you think "Oh! man its a 5 person version of Dil Chahta Hai",
  • then you think "May be they do want to shoot a Bhagat Singh movie"
  • then you think "Why Bhagat Singh for the nth time on Hindi Screen man?"
  • then you think "Okay, this guy wants to deal with some issues of India too",
  • then you think "Oh! NO Why does this guy want to talk about every issue India has?"
  • then you think "The Bhagat Singh analogy is over stretching man"
  • then you think "Thank God! Its atleast funny occasionally"
  • then you think "They are going to get this Madhavan dude killed, man"
  • then you think "Enough of Sepia man! Enough of the analogy crap! Dont start making a complete mess out of it"
  • then you think "Oh! Well Congrats Mr. Mehra, you have officially stepped into the crap zone"
  • then you think "Mr.Mehra has well passed the finish line in crap zone..entering bullshit zone"
  • then you think "Now stop bullshitting me"
  • then you think "There is something called Electricity to pull the AIR signal out of air"
  • then you think "NDTV is doing a lot of product placement"
  • then you think "You go on a plane and make a joke that you have a gun. You'll know how sane the commandos are"
  • then you think "Enough of it man. This Amir dude gets shot and drags himself across India to reach the studio again"
  • then you think "Ah! well, this Mehra wants somebody to wakeup. But why does he make a pretense of making a revenge story a national issue?"
  • then you think "Ah! Now he makes a pretense of the movie being about MIGs"
  • All in all, Dont try to summarize this movie too many times. You end up in the experience of watching a montage of short films with different themes but the same cast.


Aravind said...

very well summarized. Inspite of all the flaws, this was a "different" movie.

The ending was totally lame I thought.

shamaa said...

i pity u.Being a young guy ,u r interested in summarising the movie
than thinking of cleaning our sosciety
a movie is always done to entertain the audience
and im damn sure that RANG DE BASANTHI is a completeentertainer atleast faaaar better than so called yashraj royal movies like neal n niki n salam namasthe

Unknown said...

Pity? Well, I'll pass on that. And about cleaning up the society?...Killing corrupt politicians is not the right way of cleaning up the society. The movie is completely against the democratic spirit and Indians should be offended for demeaning their democratic society.