Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The One With Yahoo!'s intent search

I was checking out Yahoo!'s intent search today. Intention behind the new search tool sounded good. But the slider and results were bullshit.

First of all, how much sense did the slider make? What does it mean when I slide it midway towards shopping? Does it mean that I have assigned .75 weight for shopping and .25 for research? What do those weights .75 and .25 mean anyway? I mean, how do you differentiate them from .95 weight on shopping + .05 weight on research? Does it mean that somethings are inherently more commercial (and offer lesser important information)?

When I slide it towards the research end, results which normally appear in pages 8 or 9 show up. So does research mean looking for stuff that is hidden deep inside?

I think that shopping/research preferences should have been more of black or white(radio buttons) instead of the slidebar.

I thought Google's personalized search (though broader than sales and non-sales) was better. It solved the above problem with check boxes. :).

Choice is good. But more of it does not necessary mean it is better.

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