Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The One with 2.96 billion search results

Which keyword search results in the maximum number of search results? Intution tells me it's the alphabet a, a staggering 2.96 billion. Google indexes about 8.05 billion pages. So thats about 37% of pages which have an "a" in them. It pops an obvious question. "Why dont all the 8 billion pages have an 'a' in them?". Yeah, there are Japanese and Chinese. (BTW, Does Spanish language has an "a" ?) So do English web pages constitute only 37% of what Google indexes?

The basic premise has been a fetches maximum number of results. Do you have anything higher?

Some interesting numbers:

  • I has lesser search results than you. Lesser by almost a billion!! (Is web, a place with lesser ego?)
  • US is an incredible close contender with 2.2 billion!!
  • Highest ranking number was 1. and Highest ranking alphabet was not 'I'.

1 comment:

Suraj said...

Interesting... While a search for a yields 3.22b results, search for "OR" queries like ( a | i ) yields only 2.9b results.

OTOH, Yahoo! Search seems to yield more results for the term a (4.58b) than google but a OR i has far fewer results than google.

But what is the point? _no_ search engine lets you view anything more than a few thousand results per page.