Monday, April 10, 2006

What a Shame!

Top metropolitan areas of the world
Busiest metro systems in the world
Tokyo (Greater Tokyo Area) 35.2 million
Moscow Metro 3.2 billion
Mexico City (Greater Mexico City) 19 million
Tokyo Metro 2.7 billion
New York City, (New York metropotdtan area) 18.4 million
Seoul Subway 1.6 billion
Mumbai (Bombay), India 18.3 million
Mexico City Metro 1.3 billion
São Paulo, Brazil 18.3 million
New York City Subway 1.3 billion
Delhi, India 15.3 million
Paris Metro 1.2 billion
Kolkata (Calcutta), India 14.2 million
London Underground 976 million (2005)
Buenos Aires, Argentina 13.3 million
Osaka Municipal Subway 957 million
Jakarta, Indonesia 13.1 million
Hong Kong MTR 798 million
Shanghai, PRC 12.6 million
Saint Petersburg Metro 784 million


What a shame! World's most populous countries India and China (excluding Hong Kong) don not have a metro system that rank among the ten. Imagine the cutback in pollution and fuel usage with better public transportation systems in these parts of the world!

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